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Brasilinvest Group

The Brasilinvest Group, established in 1975, is one of Brazil’s largest private merchant banks and a major shareholder of GoldMining. Brasilinvest provides the Company with a strategic advantage based on superior access to projects, people, and capital within the country.

Brazil President Michel Temer and Mario Garnero in 2016

Brazil President Michel Temer and Mario Garnero in 2016.

Brasilinvest has attracted investments of US $16 billion to Brazil, has partners in 20 different countries, and currently manages US $6 billion. The merchant bank takes a leading role in structuring, developing, implementing, and commercializing projects in real estate, technology, mining, agribusiness, energy, healthcare, infrastructure, and telecommunications.

Mario Garnero is one of Brazil’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, and has led Brazil in promoting greater international cooperation. He has held positions in large international companies such as the Chairman of NEC in Brazil, Chairman of the National Automakers Association of Brazil, as well as the Director of Volkswagen do Brazil. He has been coined the “Father of Ethanol” for his efforts to increase ethanol powered cars in Brazil.

Mr. Garnero has forged personal relationships with current and former presidents and government officials in Brazil, as well as international figures including US Presidents Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, and American businessman and philanthropist David Rockefeller.

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